San Francisco

LaFriducha Hyper


There is nothing that gives me the peaceful celestial cosmic feeling of floating through different skies with different moons and suns and time zones like watching foreign and independent films. 

Theaters like the Roxie, Victoria, Alamo, among a couple others, held the 60TH International Film Festival starting on the 5th of April, ending tomorrow, April 19th.

I watched Shorts 4 last night, a collection of short Creative non-fictional films and documentaries from all over the world. Touching on themes of childhood traumas, nostalgia, every day life, dream like experiences and memories all told through visuals, aesthetics, sounds and film meticulously fabricated to evoke every sense in the viewer's body and spirit. Feeling like a Julio Cortázar inside una sala de cine, I had to stay behind for a bit to digest what my soul had traveled through with each short shown. 

After the film, directors of some of the films give a talk on their process, inspiration and motivations, followed by an audience Q&A. I don't want to feel like a broken record, but travel without leaving home by watching foreign films. Support local, independent artists by watching independent film.