San Francisco

hellopearly Hyper


We were a bunch of fatties and was going to try the new ramen place which was super packed with long wait. So we ventured around and saw this new bbq place. $21.99 per person for all you can eat is really not too bad. Especially love their ventilation system where the smoke would be vacuumed away right to the side of the grill so you won't smell like bbq even after you've left the restaurant. They don't have all you can drink but their Beque Tower, which you can choose cocktail soju for $39 or beer for $29. It claims to have 2 liters of drinks in that thing, and we tried to count how many shots of soju it had contained. It seemed like it could go about 50 shots, which isn't too bad. We tried the sweet and sour flavor which tasted like yellow gatorade Hahaha. The service was great. They were happy to refill all the meat as well as ghee small plates. Decent size establishment. 👍🏻



11:30 AM - 2:30 PM