LaFriducha Hyper


The best things are kept in secret and most art isn't meant to be understood by ones who don't understand artistry and beauty of complex masterpieces. Do not let people's misconceptions and one dimensional biases about Oakland keep you from experiencing the city. Come visit and make a judgement for yourself as opposed to falling into the claws of double consciousness' There is a feeling I get as soon as I get off Bart, stepping into the colorful, empyrean-esque streets of the most underrated, misunderstood gem of the Bay Area. I feel safe, happy, alive. There is a feeling of fulfillment I get when I am in Oakland that I will never get anywhere else. A sense of belonging, welcoming open arms de mis ancestros. Oakland is a community, a family that awaits for you with the hopes and dreams of one who spends its life waiting for reciprocated love, for as long as it takes because it just understands. It is worth the Bart ride. Come visit. You will fall in love too.