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A selection of works that explore the meanings and potential of instant photography as an ever-evolving art form. Photos which reveal the beauty of instant film’s unique limitations, then question, disrupt and deconstruct these limitations. A look at what can be achieved when you step outside the original white frame, to capture more than just a moment in time.

Our latest exhibition proves that a photo doesn’t have to be a final, finished object - it can be a starting point for painting, drawing, collage or sheer, joyous destruction. Photos have been submerged or burned, scratched, scribbled or stitched on, cut up and put back together. Each one gives the viewer a new way to frame the world, revealing hidden truths in unexpected ways. 


Featuring works by: 

Andrea Cicala Pozzuoli

Urizen Freaza

Christopher Manning

Wisse Ankersmit

Jacob Spriggs


Vernissage: Thursday 17th November @ 19:00 
3rd Floor // Free Entry // Show runs through 3rd December

Join us for an evening of drinks, music and instant photography at Impossible’s creative space in the heart of West Berlin’s gallery district. 

Exhibition Opening Times: 
Thurs: 14:30 - 18:30
Fri: 14:30 - 18:30
Sat: 14:30 - 18:30

Guided Tours on appointment:

There will be a series of experimental workshops taking place in the space during the show’s run to give you inspiration on how to manipulate your own images. 

Instant Art: Biohacking Workshop
In a 3 day workshop build your own Yeastogram UV light exposure stations, learn how to cook culture mediums and get to know some of the microbes in the neighbourhood through the medium of instant photography.

Instant Art: Experiments Workshop
Discover the creative possibilities of instant film at The Impossible Project Laboratory with Urizen Freaza ( Learn how to manipulate your instant photographs to create instant artworks to take home.



17th November 2016


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