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The IEA is delighted to invite you to attend a 'Future Freedom Film Screening' aimed at under 30s. The film will be "The Big Short", with econoimc analysis from Prof. Philip Booth, who is the IEA's Academic and Research Director.

Such movies remind us how central economics is to the story of our lives. Economics is the theoretical template for understanding how human beings are faring in the struggle against poverty, insecurity, disease, and early death, which is why the subject is worthy of study by everyone.
There’s another thing to love about The Big Short. It subtly turns short sellers — the pessimists who bet against ever-rising financial valuations — into heroes. It’s about time. They have been demonized since the New Deal as enemies of the people. This movie shows that they are people willing to stick their necks out based on a contrarian opinion, and thereby perform the valuable service of tempering exuberance when it is unwarranted.
There will be pick 'n' mix, popcorn and drinks on the night.



30th August 2016

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