ErinDaniels Hyper


Meeting someone for breakfast or lunch? Need a cake for a party  or just want an espresso and a desert or maybe try the potato balls that everyone raves about? Porto’s always has a line for a reason- they are awesome! I personally love the omelette plato, it’s an omelet with a salad and potato’s. They don’t skimp on the ingredients and it’s always cooked to perfection. And it’s less than $7! It’s a cheese omelet topped with avocado, salad (perfect greens with cherry tomatoes ) and potatoes cooked perfectly and are served with grilled red peppers. I also love the mamey smoothie. Mamey is some kind of wonder fruit from Cuba. Topped with whipped cream if you like. They also have a variety of fruit smoothies and a full selection of coffee drinks both iced and hot. The food menu is fairly extensive too. Many breakfast options and sandwiches, etc. Then there’s the bakery! Omg! Triple chocolate brownies, Tres Leches cake (huge ones for birthday parties that you can order ahead of time as well as individual sized ones!) Guava strudel,  croissants, dulce de leches cookies, scones, muffins, pineapple empanadas, cinnamon rolls, mango cheesecake! Etc, etc. They put so much detail into everything they serve plus. I still have a lot of exploring to do here. The bakery menu alone is huge! You could put a blindfold on and pick something out and it will be amazing! I was going to take a photo of the Grand Marnier Chocolate Bomb that my boyfriend bought me but I inhaled it too fast! Here’s the description of just this one item: 
*Grand Marnier Chocolate Bomb*
-A layer of chocolate chiffon cake soaked with orange liqueur and a layer of dark chocolate mousse filled with an orange flavored crème brûlée insert coated with a Belgian dark chocolate ganache. Decoration: A dark chocolate accent piece, dark chocolate flakes and a candied orange strip dipped in dark chocolate- Yum!!! 

Porto’s is also family owned and has multiple locations in the San Fernando valley.