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Callooh Callay enters its 10th year of life, and yet it still remains for many, as people love to say, one of the best “secret” spots of London. What looks like a simple, even small, cocktail bar with the feel of a pub, hides a double speakeasy that makes it quite special. 

Just ask to be seated in the inner room and you will be invited to pass through a door in the fake bookshelf and enter a sparkling Wonderland cosy room, with mirrors and elegant tables. Ideal please to impress a date or celebrate an intimate moment. 

But this is not the only surprise. Upstairs, you can find a second speakeasy after the first one. It even has its own name, Jubjub, and it’s considered a tiny bit more exclusive. Actually, you can call it a Members Bar. The room is even less special than the previous two, and tinier. And yet, there is a special quality to it that makes the time slow down, pushes the outside world away and creates a beautiful connection between you and your barman - which is what a serious cocktail bar should always offer. Eventually, we don’t pay just for the liquids, we pay for the experience. 

And when you think that actually they take cocktails so seriously at CC that there is a monthly rota, in which each of the barman/barmaid brings his/her very own cocktails to the list, then you can be reassured that the experience will be good. Don’t despair about trying to enter at Jubjub’s. I managed to be there twice, and all you need is to be there at not so busy times, when tables are not booked, and kindly ask. Cocktails price are around £11-13. Not very cheap, but not even expensive for a bar that it’s considered one of the best in town for quality.