CallMeBob Hyper


Homeslice Shoreditch is not exactly a place for your classic pizza. Don’t get misled by its name, though - the name is honest. You get slices. And you can get them take away, if you enter the first door. But if you try the second entrance, then you’re into a very pleasant, real rustic diner. 

That’s where you can get the whole thing. A massive pizza, possibly to share with your friend(s). The prices don’t look as cheap as a place like this seems to promise - a fixed £4 for a slice and £20 for the big one, for all of their choices. But I must admit that there’s plenty to choose from, starting with a classic margherita and opening to all kind of ingredients, pumpkins included. And when I say it’s a massive pizza coming to your table, believe me, it is. 

The place is welcoming, with brown tables, music at a decent volume that allows conversation, green paint and warm yellow light coming from Liberty-style lamps. A place to try, not sure by yourself, but definitely with friends to share some cozy time and good food (nice tip: you can even ask to make a pizza half and half, in order to try different combinations).