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Tiburon is a completely different world that by Marin standards makes Corte Madera look like West Oakland. It’s not hard to feel out of place here, and like you maybe don’t belong, but you do! Everyone deserves to take in the natural beauty of Tiburon whose history is actually rooted by the working class.  No matter how hard they try to make it to access for city dwellers we all should really make a trip out there. Here’s how I spent half my day there and on the bay for about $25. 
Start out at The Ferry Building, catch the San Francisco Bay Ferry, the one run by  Golden Gate transit NOT THE BLUE AND GOLD FLEET! (Sorry blue and gold I still love you). Get a clipper card! Very important! Put $12 on it.  When you pay during rush hour on this ferry it’s 50% off with your clipper card! So leave at like 230 3pm the ride is beautiful and the boats are much nicer!  After you dock. Take a walk right past the gelato cafe. Keep walking nothing to see there. As Akbar once said “it’s a trap!” Stay to the left and walk through what the locals there call “downtown” keep walking till the road bends to the right back to the main drag. You’ll catch views of the yacht club where you can pretend yours is in the shop. When that small road gets to the main road make a left and you’ll be right at woodland market.  They have awesome sandwiches and baked lovelies. Oooh and Equator coffee! The croissants are good, if you really want to splurge rustic bakery is screaming with pricey pastry worth each penny. I like to get a baguette and some cheese just cuz that’s How I rolls.  Now that you have your grub walk back to the main drag and head right.  There’s a nice lawn where you can stare out and see Angel Island Alcatraz The Golden Gate The Bay Bridge if it’s clear, and of course San Francisco.  It’s a beautiful view.  You can kick back and ponder why the weather is always nicer, then you can go for a quick walk along the shore and catch the ferry back to SF by 6ish. The view from the boat at that time is nothing short of Epic.  If you catch a nice sunset even the most jaded local is sure to fall back in love with San Francisco and stop bitching about techies high rent homeless and poop for at least a moment. Aaaahhhh.... isn’t that better. And it was a deal. Your welcome!