San Diego

Jane_CKYFS Hyper


An hour ago, my car run out of gas. Parked my car on the side of HWY 52 Eastbound and with blinker on. I Call USAA , USAA tell me, my membership cover roadside assistance and fuel replenishing service BUT I have to paid for the gas. I’m out of luck. So I said sure, but I only have credit card on me. No cash. As I know USAA roadside assistance can last hours. 

I decided to call AAA, apparently my membership has expired and so for me to get the fuel service I need to renewed the service. Which I did, but AAA stated that the fuel cost is covered with the membership. I decided to go with AAA instead. They said help will arrived within the hour.

Then when USAA’s roadside assistant calls. I told them their service is not needed. I have help coming. 

As soon as I got off the phone with them. Within min, a big white truck pulled up behind me. 

At First I thought, AAA has come thru so fast!! But as the man got off his big white truck, with the orange vest. 
Approached my vehicle and asked “What’s going on?!” 

As I look closely to his uniform & his badge. It was California Highway Patrol!!

I explained I ran out of gas!!
He then asked if I call AAA, and I said I have. He then said he can give me some gas, to get me near a gas station to fill up!

I was grateful for the kind act by this kind Hispanic Government worker!

He is definitely an angel in disguise and thank you BUDDHA for watching over me 😁

Thank you very much!!