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debetes Hyper


A gelato with 100% naturally-sourced ingredients? I AM SOLD. This Italian gelateria is slowly becoming my go to spot whenever I'm around Piccadilly. You know its legit when it has more than 60 gelaterias in the land of gelatos (Italy)alone and 20 others world wide. 

Absolutely love the dense and silky texture, a result of the way the mixture is churned slower and made with more milk and eggs. Doesn't feel awfully decadent or heavy so its not one of those crazy desserts that will leave you hanging in a food coma. 

My favourite flavours by far are the hazelnut, pistachio and coffee! Highly recommend asking if you can try the flavours before you decide so you know what to expect! Slightly on the pricier side (see prices below) but I suppose this is expected, given the location and the naturally sourced ingredients! Pictured on the left is the small cone with their signature flavour crema di grom and pistachio. On the right, we have the small cone with mango sorbet and hazelnut. 

Small (£3.90) 
Medium (£4.90)
Large (£5.90) 
Maxi Cup ( £7.90)