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If only the headline were even the slightest bit true! If ever you find yourself in the Czech Republic, I highly recommend a stop through the beautiful city of Brno. It’s estimated there are over 50 thousand bodies resting in the crypt making Brno home to the second largest ossuary in Europe!! Located underneath St. James Church in the town center - it’s hard to miss architecture makes it baffling that the ossuary wasn’t discovered until 2001!! 

Pathologists have concluded most the remains that lay in the crypt were victims of various plagues that dates back to the 16-1700s. The bodies were assembled in a respectful formation after being removed from their original resting space to make room for the more recently deceased. 

It’s only recently opened to the public as a museum in 2012 - the remains are organized in macabre patterns that line the walls and tell the tragic tale of lives once lived. A must visit for any history buff.