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I was always curious about a new concept of glamping (glamorous camping). And I must say that my very first glamping experience in Mendocino Grove did not disappoint! Imagine huge tents with a heated queen bed, coffee and hot shower in the morning, your very own fire-pit, BBQ stations, hammocks and wonderful ocean views. Yup, we got all of that at Mendocino Grove! 

It was a fantastic 2 days spent with friends. The price point is on the higher end - $140-$170 per tent, but it’s worth it! A very charming Mendocino town, as well as all popular landscapes, are just 5 minutes drive away too. When are you going for glamping experience? 😊

Mendocino Grove created a camping experience that aims to be turn-key and hassle free with a touch of luxury. Enjoy the comfort of their fully furnished tents and airstreams. Recharge from the day in their bath house stocked with towels and organic bath essentials. Cook at camp or dine out, they’re less than two minutes away from downtown Mendocino.