San Francisco

TinaBellina Hyper


Where can you get the ultimate teppan grill experience, either being seated with several friends or with complete strangers (if you're dining solo)? Why, Benihana, of course! Their 4-6 course dinners are in the $30's & $40's, but their 4-course lunches (choice of protein, soup, rice & veggies) are mostly under $20. You can still order sushi, too, for an additional cost. Your chef does all of the usual tricks - the onion volcano, the beating heart out of rice & catching shrimp tails in his hat & pocket. What you might not know is that if you go to their website & sign up, they E-mail a $30 gift certificate to you during your birthday month. In order to use it, you must bring along at least one other paying person. Even so, a discount is a discount. Although it doesn't always seem like a lot of food as it's being prepared, you'll be stuffed by the end of the meal!