San Francisco

dianaly Hyper


This was my second year attending Whiskies of the World. I really enjoyed my time last year at the Glass House in downtown San Jose and was contemplating whether to attend this year. After Hype added it to its list of experiences, that convinced me it was the sign to go again. 

This experience was a bit different than my time last year. First, it’s on a yacht with an amazing view of SF and the bay bridge. Second, there was dinner buffet which I don’t recall seeing last year in the San Jose location. Third, I don’t know if the vendors vary per location or if it’s just different this year but my friend and I felt like there were more variety last year. 

Overall, we enjoyed our time there and got to taste good and different whiskies we normally wouldn’t try. One of the tastings that stood out in my mind was a sweet potato liqueur (and not only did it taste like sweet potato it smelled like sweet potato too!). But my favorite had to be either the mule cocktail that was served at the March Hare booth or the Texas bbq whiskey (it has the perfect amount of smokiness!).

Would I go again? I would but most likely not this location. Although the yacht is docked, I somehow still experienced slight motion/sea sickness despite it being gentle waves. But for all of you whiskey lovers, you should head here at least once and indulge!