San Francisco

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Tired of normal yoga? Aerial yoga classes are one of my favorite ways to decompress. 

Using the hammock style of aerial fabric makes it doable for any fitness level, you don’t rely as much on upper body strength as you would in other aerial arts. (But there are ways to challenge those muscles if you desire! 💪🏼) My favorite class is their Fundamentals class, thats where there are the most tricks, but they have fitness, barre, and yoga, and meditation focused classes as well.

The most challenging part of your first few classes is learning to trust that you will not fall. Safety is their top priority, but your body/mind can take some time to get comfortable. Once you get over the new sensation of hanging, and especially hanging upside down… you learn really cool tricks! 

Inverting, being upside down, is amazing for your back (they joke that you’ll leave class 1/4 inch taller because the discs in your spine decompress) and it refreshes other systems in your body, like the digestive system, too. Some poses can even give the effect of a deep tissue massage. I’ve actually come to crave it; I find myself at the end of a long week saying to myself, “I really feel like I need to be upside down today.” 

Your first class is only $10 if you register on their website, but they are also listed on class pass. 
Bonus tip: the instructors are willing to take photos (or boomerangs) for you at the end of class! I almost always take them up on it 💁🏼