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This was my first visit to the infamous Winchester Mystery House, as well as my first Hype experience! I heard all the creepy rumors about this place, like the murders and ghost sightings, so I had to see for myself if it was really haunted. Before the tour started, I cautiously explored the gardens, half expecting one of the eerie statues to move, or to see the face of a ghost appear in the window. The tours begin with a seance, as the guide attempts to communicate with spirits beyond the grave. Besides creeping me out a little more, nothing happened. We were given permission to take pictures and film during the tour (normally you’re not allowed) so I got tons of pics of the place. All of the rooms are ominously arranged, you will get chills looking at some of the portraits, and scream out in fear when you see a ghostly figure wandering about (just kidding, its most likely a cast member trying to frighten you). You learn a lot about Sarah Winchester, the original owner, as well as the mansion’s history. My only recommendation is not to do this tour alone! Seriously, go in a big group and stay close to your guide. Also, the blood orange margaritas are bomb!