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This place I went to with work after the meal (see previous post about F+S) and was on the same road on Maiden Lane in Covent Garden. Now, to be honest, this place isn't like...amazing. We only went in because it was close and we fancied another drink. Cocktails were all £8.50 and we ok for what they were but overpriced - there are definitely other places that do better for that money. They didn't have a huge selection but apparently their Espresso Old Fashioned, a special if there's which I haven't seen before, was actually very good, for those who have a bitter taste unlike me who likes sweet and fruity 🙄🍸if you like rum, then definitely get a rum and coke as it's actually quite cheap but they give you a really REALLY generous portion of rum 👍 the place is ok inside, bright white and neon decor and it was pretty dead for a Friday night. I don't know the demographic - the decor suited a student/young people's place but the drinks and prices didn't reflect that. 4/10 overall - it's not bad but for Covent Garden and for cocktails there are definitely better places to visit. (The picture is of an amaretto sour - it was good but I've had better) ☺️🍸👍



8 AM - 7 PM